11 Winning Lead Generation Ideas That Will Skyrocket Your Sales

minneapolis seo lead generation ideas

Quality leads are the lifeblood of any business. Learn how you can increase your conversions and sales with these tested and proven lead generation ideas.

While the average small business is set to spend around $75,000 on marketing this year, you need to make every dollar count.

If your lead generation ideas aren’t well planned out, you could be wasting precious dollars without ushering your leads any further down your sales funnel. Quality leads need to be nurtured, encouraged, and carefully led each step of the way to ensure they keep your business growing.

Here are 11 lead generation ideas that will make your sales climb through the roof by the end of the next fiscal year.

1. Get Introductions, Not Referrals

While getting a referral can be great, you need to ensure that you get to form new relationships on your own terms.

A referral via email or via a phone conversation puts things in a formal state where you’re already in a fight or flight mode of making people choose to do business. Don’t force people to make that choice right away. Get to know them casually to get to know more about what they do rather than having to sell yourself from the start.

Write a message introducing yourself by talking about what you can offer them. Tell them about a new feature and ask what you can do for them. The best thing you can do is to be helpful. Rather than try to get something, offer something first.

2. Use Your CRM Wisely

When you use a strong CRM, it will provide you with reports to help you determine who your leads are. The lead sources that are generating the most sales can will be a key component of your analytics reports.

With that data, you can start to suss out which leads are most useful. You can filter the ones that will be easiest to convert by setting the parameters that matter the most to you and your brand.

Whether you need to use a free software or one that requires a paid subscription, the data that you get from the CRM could be invaluable.

3. Plan Your Moves

When you don’t have a plan for how to deal with leads once you get them, you could be wasting a lot of your efforts. When you’re unprepared, all the work you put into generating leads could be wasted.

Gather some information on all of your prospects that come in. This will give you the opportunity to know how to direct your pitch to them once you get them on the phone.

Without a plan for going through your sales call, you’re going to be unprepared for what to do to close the deal. When you’re moving from your cold call to your closing call, you need to have a structure that maps out every step of the way. You have a goal in mind, even if it’s just to seal the deal, so plan out the way you want to get that result rather than play it by ear.

4. Try LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator

If there’s one thing you need to increase your leads and get ones that will result in sales, it’s good intelligence and good data about who you’re pitching to. While you might think that you have to start digging into research on your own, there are some tools that allow you to get access to that info. They’ve aggregated that data and have packaged it in a way that can increase your lead intelligence.

LinkedIn has a social media aspect that is a powerful way for people to connect and for new business relationships to grow. The sales navigator tool is a strong parallel element to the social media profile. It’s now an essential tool for sales professionals to connect to connect in the B2B space.

You’ll get access to a wide variety of prospective customers located in the U.S. and around the world.

If you want to target prospective customers, you get a wide variety of contact attributes to sort them by. You can look at job titles, current roles, and narrow things down to location. With all of this data at your fingertips, you can sort and cut down the data to allow your staff to take a personal approach to each customer contact.

5. Use Tools to See Mobile Numbers

Use one of the many applications that will allow you to see mobile numbers, emails addresses, and direct lines when you’re on LinkedIn or Twitter. This way, you can reach out directly to your prospects without having to wait on an email or a response back. You can get the response you need right away.

Lusha is one of the many apps you can use in Google Chrome or other browsers. If you know that your customers are using Twitter or LinkedIn already, you can generate lots of data quickly. By using an effective app to get the most direct contact data, you can ensure that your cold calls are a little more personal.

The more personally you can connect with your contacts, the better you’ll be able to lead your customers through your sales funnel.

6. See Who is Visiting You

With all of the tools available to figure out who is looking at you and where you shouldn’t leave any information to guesswork. You can know, right down to the zip code, where your most interested and loyal visitors are from.

With a tool like Leadberry, you can cheaply and easily figure out who is looking at your site. You can get the names of the organizations who are looking at your site along with email addresses of the contact you’re trying to target.

If you see who has been lurking around your neck of the digital woods, you can figure out who is a new lead and who is s repeat visitors. You can serve each of these groups different popups to ensure you’re leading them a little further down your sales funnel each time you see them.

As visitors move down each step of your sales funnel, you can track their movements and keep leading them down the path to sales.

7. Automated Emails

While you know that not every one of your leads will turn into a new customer on your first contact with them, that doesn’t mean you can’t make progress. When you’re getting a visit, it means that they’re going to be someone’s customer soon. If you’re getting the chance to get in front of them, you need to ensure you can reach out to them when they’re ready to buy from somebody.

Put together an email campaign focused on following up from an initial contact or consultation. This will allow you to remind them of you when they’re thinking about their future purchase.

While some of them will easily be converted to sales, others will take a little more work. When you automate an email campaign, you don’t need to manage your contacts with as much granular attention to detail.

Make sure your CRM doesn’t let any contacts fall through the cracks. If you got an email address from someone, it means they’re interested in being in touch with you, so use that information wisely. Keep following up, gently if necessary, to ensure that you’re always on their mind.

8. Qualify Leads More Accurately

While many companies will pitch to entire organizations with a broad brush, there is usually just one person who makes the sales decision in the end. When it comes time for their organization to buy products, services, or equipment, it’s really up to the feelings of the one person who approves those things.

When you make your master list of brands or companies that you want to work alongside, you need to make a note of that one person you’re contacting. Get to know as much as you can about them, what they’re interested, and what they want from products and services like yours.

Once you’ve built a relationship with them, you can personalize your contact with them. You will undoubtedly have a strong connection and a high performing lead from a contact like this. You’ll generate stronger leads when you can find out more substantial information about your leads.

9. Be Personal With It

Whether you want to warm up cold leads or to start things out from scratch, the best thing you can do is to connect on a personal level. When you’re reaching out to new clients via email, social media, or even targeted ads, you’re dealing with a lot of noise. If you don’t take the time to connect to them a unique way, they won’t give you the kind of attention you want from them.

Every brand out there is going to be in their Twitter feed trying to get their eyes and their clicks. Any brand can write an email. How many will take the time to send a handwritten letter appealing for their attention?

When you’re trying to write a competitive online ad, you could be pitching to people who are used to ignoring them altogether. Rather than get in line for the rat race, calling them up for a real conversation about what they are interested in and how you can work together is much better. Get personal and you’ll find that your leads will be much more interested in you.

10. Cold Emails Work

While you might think that some of the old ways of doing things are tired, it could turn out to be what gets people interested in your products. While you might have a backlog of personal emails that you haven’t responded to, a personal email still sticks with you better than a lot of other outreach types.

When you’re figuring out which business leads tool you want to use, you should never overlook the power of a well-written email.

Create a list of your niche’s best potential prospects and then reach out with a personal email. Even a cold email can get the ball rolling with a conversation and start to see how you might work together. With a personal touch, you can tell them just how you want to help them succeed.

Make sure you do lots of research beforehand so you can write some specific ways that you want to be helpful to them.

11. Make Better Landing Pages

While you might not realize the power of a landing page, you should learn about how they could be helping you to generate leads.

By directing all of your traffic to a landing page, you don’t have to reconfigure your website every time you have a new product to offer. You can simply write an appeal to what you could be offering to your clients and how your new products and services differ from your last ones. While it might seem obvious to some, there are still brands who are constantly adding to their website.

The problem with an overloaded and bloated website is that it becomes hard to use after a while.

Optimized landing pages will need to be tested with the analytics tools you rely on, but with the right template in place, you can roll them out regularly.

Have something to offer, a special promotion you want to tell your customers or leads about and then reel them in with your free e-books, seminars, or videos.

Lead Generation Ideas Need To Be Carefully Planned

If you go into battle without a plan, you can be sure that your army isn’t going to thrive. You need your team to win and so if you’re going to try to convert your leads into loyal customers, you need to give them your best. With careful planning and constant focus on the changing conditions of your industry, you can be prepared for whatever your clients need from you.

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