How to Create a Landing Page Google Will Love: The Guide

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You know you need custom pages for Google to crawl, but what does that look like? We’re teaching you how to create a landing page that will get you customers and high rankings.

Google is the biggest search engine on the face of the planet. It parses over 3.5 billion searches every day.

Therein lies the importance of making sure Google likes the content you’re producing. It has over 3.5 billion chances to connect customers with your products and services.

If you have a business that generates sales online you probably have at least some semblance of a sales funnel working for you or are in the process of creating one. One of the most important aspects of your sales funnel is your landing page.

A landing page is the first and biggest impression you’ll leave on a customer. To make sure you put your best foot forward with it, it’s important to ensure Google will rank it.

To help with that, our team has put together this list of tips on how to create a landing page that Google will love!

1) Get Your Formatting Right

Formatting or writing for the web is an art aimed at taking the way people consume things online and tailoring content to those habits. Not only is good web formatting important for getting your content read, it’s also important to search engines.


Engines like Google have a vested interest in making sure the content they’re connecting people with is enjoyable. That means, if your landing page isn’t adhering to basic formatting principals, you could get buried in search engine results.

To get your formatting on the right track, start with getting “headings fluent”. There should only be a single H1 heading on your landing page (its main title) and most other content should be chunked out and separated with H2 headings for optimal scannability.

Also, make sure that your body content is properly surrounded by paragraph tags and your images have excellent meta-data (alt text and titles).

Doing all of this will make your custom landing pages easy to read and lead to improving Google rank.

2) Know Your SEO

If you’re just writing marketing pieces for the web without doing SEO (search engine optimization) research, you’re wasting your time. There’s too much content already created across too many niches to be able to rely on organic, non-SEO supported material getting good traction.

To start with SEO, first understand what your landing page is marketing. Then find what other players in your space have had successful landing pages selling that same product or service.

Once you’ve found a successful player in your niche, it’s time to figure out what keywords and phrases drove traffic to their landing page. This can be accomplished via using online keyword tools or preferably by hooking up with a digital marketing agency.

The insight you can get by working with professionals will let you know what keywords present the best opportunity for your landing page to rise up search ranks. Once you know those, you’ll just need to tastefully sprinkle those terms across your landing page’s content and watch the leads pour in.

3) Build Your Link Portfolio

You’ve formatted your landing page correctly, you’ve sprinkled in high-opportunity keywords and phrases, and now you may be thinking all of the hard how to create a landing page steps are over.

Unfortunately, you still have one more high hurdle to get over and that’s getting back-links. As part of Google’s algorithm, it will look at how many other websites are linking to your landing page in order to help discern your landing page’s value.

So how are you going to get external sites to link to your landing page?

There are no magic bullet solutions here (and those that claim they have magic bullet solutions should be avoided). As far as white-hat back-link methods go, start by putting links to your landing page on any other websites you own.

That can represent a quick rank boost. Beyond that, you’ll want to find other players in and around your niche and contact them asking if they’ll link to your page.

You can usually make this work by guest posting or creating a free piece of content for the external site. Some sites will even take payment for placement (though paying for links is frowned upon by search engines).

The more links from quality websites you get, the more chances your landing page has to crawl up the ranks.

4) Get Social with Your Landing Page

When people think about building back-links, they often think to themselves that they’ll share their landing page on social media platforms to pick up a few easy links. Unfortunately, most social media platforms are “no-follow” platforms. That means Google won’t count these links towards your back-link portfolio.

Still, sharing your landing page on social media is not without merit. First and foremost, the more you share your landing page, the more chances you have to direct customers down your sales funnel. This may not affect your search engine rank but it can affect your revenue.

Second, if you’re sharing your landing page and someone else decides to later mention it on their blog because they found it to be valuable, that’ll net you a back-link Google will count!

Bottom line, there’s nothing to lose by sharing your landing page on social media. So get out there and start spreading the word.

Wrapping Up How to Create a Landing Page

Many people who have created landing pages in the past but got no traction on them have been left wondering what they did wrong. If that sounds like you and you’re asking yourself how to create a landing page that will actually work, we recommend taking the tips above seriously.

Format your content correctly, do SEO research, build back-links and share your landing page everywhere.

Doing those things will increase your chance of getting conversions. They will also lead to an improving Google rank for your content!

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